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TV Station Equipment for Sale

If you are looking to buy TV station equipment, Enhanced View Services is the right place for you. We provide for all your TV equipment needs and make sure you are satisfied with our services and products. Do you want to have or currently own a TV station in need of...

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Advantages of Buying Used Camera Gear

We all know photography and its related equipment can be quite expensive. Is buying used camera gear better than buying brand new gear? If you are searching for the answer to this question you came to the right place, thank you for stopping by here at Enhanced View...

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Tips for Buying Professional Video Gear

We all know that professional audio and video gear can be quite expensive. Here at Enhanced View Services Inc., we want to make your life easier by sharing with you these awesome tips we have compiled so you can make an easier decision when you are buying professional...

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What to Consider When Buying Used Video Gear

Most of us know that audio and video equipment can be quite expensive, and the numerous options available on the market can be quite overwhelming. This makes it difficult to search for the right audio and video gear that will work for your equipment needs. Here at...

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Changin’ Times

I'm beating a dead horse. Nearly every one of my posts has me saying that times are changing. Fair warning, this post isn't going to be any different. Back in 1927, Charles Lindbergh flew from New York to Paris, becoming the first person to complete a transatlantic...

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3 New Technologies

1. Wireless Charging Ikea has announced that it will incorporate the Qi wireless charging standard into a new line of its furniture and appliances. This line of items will include tables, lamps, and desks that will be able to charge some Windows and Android phones,...

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AJA Atomos
Eartec Blackmagic Design
Grass Valley Group Hitachi
JVC Ikegami
Manfrotto Marshall Electronics
Sachtler Panasonic
Sony Vinten

Note: The names of the brands belong to each respected brand and not Enhanced View Services Inc. The names are only displayed to provide an example of the products we carry.