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Consumption and expulsion: these are two facts of life. You eat, your digestive tract does its business, and then you do yours. End of story, or is it? Without being too graphic, it all falls into the toilet (most of it, at least), and is suddenly flowing through a...

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Peruse While You Poop!

Update on last week's North Korea story. Pyongyang denied allegations of hacking Sony Pictures in retaliation to the new Seth Rogen movie, The Interview, where he and costar James Franco attempt to assassinate supreme leader Kim Jong Un. North Korea asserts that the...

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North Korea Strikes Again

North Korea has struck fear in all and has demonstrated its might once again by hacking the Pentagon , the NSA, Sony Pictures? That's right. And this action is clearly in response to the new Seth Rogen movie The Interview, where Rogen and his boyfriend James Franco...

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Falling Out with Tech Companies

As is expected in any business environment, relationships are made, and relationships are broken. In fact, sometimes relationships must be broken before new ones can form. Consider Mozilla Firefox (the second best browser to replace Internet Explorer). This past week...

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iPhone Stories

It is amazing what mobile tech has done for us. Essentially, it connects us with the world. It entertains us and educates us. For California resident, Melissa Rodriguez, mobile tech saved her life. This past Monday, Rodriguez accidentally drove herself into a ravine....

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Apple Fall Keynote 2014

A little over a year ago every Apple fan was anticipating the news of a new device. Last year these fans were greeted by the Apple 5s and 5c. This year it's the iPhone 6, 6 plus, and the Apple Watch. What is particularly interesting about the Apple Watch is that this...

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